Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Gour gour at
Mon Jan 26 09:18:19 EST 2004

andrew cooke (andrew at wrote:

> the output is enclosed.  the problem seems to be temporary files.  what
> would cause that (i've just emailed him to check that the TEMP directory
> exists)?


> *** Literate pre-processor C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpp
> Failed: C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpprawSystem: does not exist (No such file or
> directory) *** Deleting temp files Deleting: C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp
> Warning: deleting non-existent C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp

Yup. The same thing as here. 6.0.1 works in the same environment.


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