Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Gour gour at
Tue Jan 27 09:24:43 EST 2004

Derek Elkins (ddarius at wrote:

> Well, what's the -v output for the "hello world" file?  In a nutshell,
> what's all the information that could be provided that might possibly be
> useful and does anything go wrong doing the things GHC is attempting to
> do directly.  

I've already provided (in previous thread) output for "hello world".

Please, if you can tell me if you need soem specific -vN output?

>Finally, if it's not necessary to use 6.2, try 6.0.1.

One of the things that bothered me in compiling & running darcs is bug
with renameFile (confirmed at Sourceforge) in 6.0.1, so 6.2 is needed.


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