Problem with ghc on Windows ME

andrew cooke andrew at
Mon Jan 26 13:16:21 EST 2004

i am using win2k too.  i've forwarded your message to the person with the

but we already know that the problem is not restricted to unlit.  he
cannot compile a simple "hello world" in a plain .hs file (see my first

is there any way to raise this as a bug so that someone involved with ghc
finds a suitable machine and solves the problem?  it's not just my client
that's having problems - someone else here has reported something similar.

sorry if i seem a little frayed, but it's not cool to send software to
someone only to find that they can't compile because ghc doesn't work on a
platform it is advertised to support.  i know that ghc is a largely
voluntary effort, but they've still got more resources than me...


Derek Elkins said:
> On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 00:12:56 -0300 (CLST)
> "andrew cooke" <andrew at> wrote:
>> the output is enclosed.  the problem seems to be temporary files.
>> what would cause that (i've just emailed him to check that the TEMP
>> directory exists)?
>> *** Literate pre-processor
>> C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
>> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpp
>> Failed: C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
>> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpprawSystem: does not exist (No such file
>> or directory)*** Deleting temp files
>> Deleting: C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp
>> Warning: deleting non-existent C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp
> The "rawSystem" part is the function GHC uses to execute external
> programs, see System.Cmd.rawSystem.  The error suggests that it can't
> find unlit.exe.  At any rate, I would suggest finding and testing unlit
> to see if it works directly with the input that GHC provides it.  If
> that works and GHC is capable of compiling the output you at least have
> a work-around, otherwise you know where the problem is or you're SOL ;)
> Suffice to say I have not had this problem using the GHC 6.2 binaries
> on Win2k so I can't recreate it.

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