Problem with ghc on Windows ME

Derek Elkins ddarius at
Mon Jan 26 08:52:03 EST 2004

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 00:12:56 -0300 (CLST)
"andrew cooke" <andrew at> wrote:

> the output is enclosed.  the problem seems to be temporary files. 
> what would cause that (i've just emailed him to check that the TEMP
> directory exists)?

> *** Literate pre-processor
> C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpp
> Failed: C:\GHC\GHC-6.2\unlit.exe -h Demo.lhs Demo.lhs
> C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\ghc-1160737.lpprawSystem: does not exist (No such file
> or directory)*** Deleting temp files
> Deleting: C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp
> Warning: deleting non-existent C:/WINDOWS/TEMP/ghc-1160737.lpp

The "rawSystem" part is the function GHC uses to execute external
programs, see System.Cmd.rawSystem.  The error suggests that it can't
find unlit.exe.  At any rate, I would suggest finding and testing unlit
to see if it works directly with the input that GHC provides it.  If
that works and GHC is capable of compiling the output you at least have
a work-around, otherwise you know where the problem is or you're SOL ;) 
Suffice to say I have not had this problem using the GHC 6.2 binaries
on Win2k so I can't recreate it.

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