Running a "final" finaliser

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Wed Jan 7 11:43:09 EST 2004

> Hmm, further experiments with creating zillions of garbage
> ForeignPtrs (not just 1) reveals that the problem only occurs
> if *no* garbage collection has occured before the program shuts
> down. In other words, as long as at least one garbage collection
> has occured, it doesn't matter if library shutdown occurs immediately
> in response to killLibRef or if it's deferred until the reference
> count hits zero as a result of finalisers being called. (This test
> is without the explicit performGC of course.)
> So (hoping I will not have to eat my words:-) I'm begining to suspect
> this is a buglet in the ghc rts somewhere.

It may be a bug; I can't see anything obviously wrong in your code.  The
best way to proceed is for you to send us a complete test case which is
producing the (claimed) incorrect output, and we'll look into it.


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