Running a "final" finaliser

Adrian Hey ahey at
Wed Jan 7 12:22:27 EST 2004

On Wednesday 07 Jan 2004 11:43 am, Simon Marlow wrote:
> > Hmm, further experiments with creating zillions of garbage
> > ForeignPtrs (not just 1) reveals that the problem only occurs
> > if *no* garbage collection has occured before the program shuts
> > down. In other words, as long as at least one garbage collection
> > has occured, it doesn't matter if library shutdown occurs immediately
> > in response to killLibRef or if it's deferred until the reference
> > count hits zero as a result of finalisers being called. (This test
> > is without the explicit performGC of course.)
> >
> > So (hoping I will not have to eat my words:-) I'm begining to suspect
> > this is a buglet in the ghc rts somewhere.
> It may be a bug; I can't see anything obviously wrong in your code.  The
> best way to proceed is for you to send us a complete test case which is
> producing the (claimed) incorrect output, and we'll look into it.

Oops, I've modified all the code to use Carl Witty's suggested solution.
(seems like the simplest portable solution, all things considered).

I'll see if I can put something back together to demonstrate the problem.
(might be a day or two though).

Adrian Hey

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