Announce: GHC 6.2 for Mac OS X Jaguar and Panther

Gregory Wright gwright at
Wed Jan 7 10:14:40 EST 2004


A port of ghc-6.2 for Mac OS X (both Jaguar and Panther) is available 
from the
darwinports system.

Information on obtaining darwinports is available from

Once darwinports is installed, building ghc is done by changing to the
lang/ghc directory and issuing the command:

	sudo port install

ghc will be built from source and by default is installed in 
/opt/local/bin, although the
user may specify another installation directory.

This release supports building with HOpenGL support. It is not included 
by default,
but may be specified by the command:

	sudo port install +opengl

Note that as the system is built from source it may take several hours 
for the
'port install' command to finish. (On an 800 MHz G4 powerbook it takes 
four and a half hours.)

ghc from darwinports may be helpful for those still using Jaguar and 
are having
difficulty with Wolfgang Thaller's binary distribution for Panther. Or 
you may just
like building from source, like me.

Best Wishes,
Greg Wright

Gregory Wright
Antiope Associates LLC
18 Clay Street
Fair Haven, New Jersey 07704

gwright at

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