DoCon-2.08 announcement

Serge D. Mechveliani mechvel at
Mon Dec 20 03:05:36 EST 2004


A Computer Algebra program DoCon-2.08 is released:  click at  docon-2.08
                                                     (Russian site),          (same),              (USA site)

DoCon-2.08 is a library of Haskell functions and data structures.
It is written in an extension of  Haskell-98  including 
multiparametric classes,  overlapping instances and `undecidable' 
It was tested under the Glasgow Haskell system of 6.2.2,  
under Linux.
The main differences to the previous release of 2.06 are: 
* it is ported to a more recent system  ghc-6.2.2,
  the Manual is revised slightly,
* it includes some support for non-commutative polynomials over a 
  commutative ring,
* several bugs are fixed.

Serge Mechveliani
mechvel at

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