Loading package ghc within GHCi

Sean Seefried sseefried at cse.unsw.edu.au
Sun Dec 19 23:28:32 EST 2004

Hi Simon (and others),

I've just managed to build package ghc and have managed to successfully 
use it in a test program of mine.  However, I can't seem to load it 
into GHCi.  The error I'm obtaining is:

GHCi runtime linker: fatal error: I found a duplicate definition for 
whilst processing object file
This could be caused by:
    * Loading two different object files which export the same symbol
    * Specifying the same object file twice on the GHCi command line
    * An incorrect `package.conf' entry, causing some object to be
      loaded twice.
GHCi cannot safely continue in this situation.  Exiting now.  Sorry.

I see that these symbol is exported by HSrts.o and HSghc.o so it makes 
sense that this error should occur. But since the symbol in HSghc.o 
originally comes from ghc/parser/hschooks.c and its purpose is to 
override the hooks in the RTS it seems strange that this should be an 
Is there any way that I can suppress this error through use of flags in 
the package.conf for package ghc?

I've been told that their may be other good reasons why package ghc 
doesn't load into GHCi by Don Stewart.  What are these reasons exactly?
My final question is, if GHCi can't load package ghc just yet then what 
are the major issues that would need to be solved before it could?



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