Scoped type variables

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at
Mon Dec 20 03:37:21 EST 2004

| Would it help to stick the quantifier at the beginning of
| the type declaration?
| > 	forall a b . g :: Foo a b => [a] -> [a]
| > 	g = ...

Since GHC already allows explicit quantifiers, I had indeed wondered
about saying that a type sig only brings type variables into scope if it
has an explicit quantifier.  Thus

	g :: forall a b. Foo a b => [a] -> [a]
	g = ...
would bring a & b into scope in the "...", but
	g :: Foo a b => [a] -> [a]
	g = ...
would not.  I guess that has the merit that adding the feature would
break fewer programs.

I'm not keen on putting the foralls before the function name.


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