Haskell profiling and performance

Ketil Malde ketil+haskell at ii.uib.no
Wed Apr 7 09:32:32 EDT 2004


Am I doing something wrong, or did profiling performance drop an order
of magnitude with GHC 6.2?  When I compile my program with '-prof
-auto-all', it takes about ten times as long to run as it does
without.  I use -O2 in both cases, and run without any run-time
profiling options switched on.

(The reported time, OTOH, seems about right)

I though that previously profiling-compiling programs would only have
marginal effects, and only running with heap profiling on would really
slow things down.

If this is a recent 'feature' and not just my brain getting its wires
crossed again, is there any way to alleviate this (downgrade to x.y,
build CVS HEAD, whatever)? 

(GHC 6.2 on Linux, tested with RPM package and Gentoo binary

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