Haskell profiling and performance

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Apr 8 10:34:06 EDT 2004

That's unexpected to me at least.  We'll investigate.  But probably not
until after Easter.

If you can send a program (smaller the better) that demonstrates this
performance difference, we'd make much faster progress.


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| Hi,
| Am I doing something wrong, or did profiling performance drop an order
| of magnitude with GHC 6.2?  When I compile my program with '-prof
| -auto-all', it takes about ten times as long to run as it does
| without.  I use -O2 in both cases, and run without any run-time
| profiling options switched on.
| (The reported time, OTOH, seems about right)
| I though that previously profiling-compiling programs would only have
| marginal effects, and only running with heap profiling on would really
| slow things down.
| If this is a recent 'feature' and not just my brain getting its wires
| crossed again, is there any way to alleviate this (downgrade to x.y,
| build CVS HEAD, whatever)?
| (GHC 6.2 on Linux, tested with RPM package and Gentoo binary
| distribution)
| -kzm
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