Performance Tests in Haskell

Simon Marlow simonmar at
Mon Oct 20 17:23:21 EDT 2003

> shure, "caibd" is the called C procedure from AIBD.
> well then, i type
> > ghc Main.o AIBD.o HAIBDUtil.o -o HAIBD.exe
> then everything is fine, and i get my executable.
> Now i wanted to profile, and added the options "-prof 
> --auto-all" to the
> first ghc command.
> When trying to link, i get lot's of undefined references:
> > ghc Main.o AIBD.o HAIBDUtil.o -o HAIBD.exe
> AIBD.o(.text+0x425):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CC_LIST'
> AIBD.o(.text+0x430):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CC_LIST'
> AIBD.o(.text+0x439):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CC_ID'
> AIBD.o(.text+0x444):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CC_ID'
> (...)
> AIBD.o(.text+0x5fc):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CCCS'
> AIBD.o(.text+0x605):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to `CCCS'
> AIBD.o(.text+0x626):ghc1364.hc: undefined reference to 
> `PushCostCentre'
> (...)

You forgot to add -prof to the link line, too.


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