Compiling ghc

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Wed Nov 19 10:39:52 EST 2003

> I try to compile ghc 6.0.1 on RH 9. In my compile-it-my-self-fanatism I 
> need to do a two-stage-bootstrap. As explained in the porting and 
> bootstrapping documentation I used the cross-port script distrbuted with 
> the source. But in the first stage ghc issues an error message as follows:
> 	Robert...

Many problems with bootstrapping GHC have been ironed out since the
6.0.1 release, and a more reliable method is now available. In fact, I
wouldn't recommend the use of the cross-port script at the moment: it is

The current building-from-cvs, and bootstrapping information is in CVS,
but I've put the current building guide here:

Note, to do this you will need to check out the stable 6.2 branch using
anoncvs. Help for how to do that is on the GHC page.

This could be a lot of work. Getting hold of a binary for your platform,
to then build the source with would be *much* easier. And no less risky:
in order to bootstrap GHC, you still need to use a GHC binary on the
host platform to generate .hc files from. The only difference is whether
you put more trust in the compiler on your machine, or on the machine
you're using to generate .hc files.

-- Don

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