update of ghc-6.0 rpms for Red Hat Linux 9

Martin Norbäck d95mback@dtek.chalmers.se
05 Jun 2003 10:08:30 +0200

tor 2003-06-05 klockan 08.18 skrev Jens Petersen:
> ps If you wish to have the prof libs too next time I build, please let
> me know.  I use them so rarely myself that I didn't bother to build
> them, but I don't mind doing so if there is demand.

I think there may be a demand.

I use profiling frequently, especially heap profiling. Some memory leaks
are very hard to find otherwise, especially in code I haven't written

But don't bother building it just for me, I've already built an RPM
myself from the included spec file. It worked flawlessly. Did you make
any changes to it?



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