update of ghc-6.0 rpms for Red Hat Linux 9

Jens Petersen petersen@redhat.com
05 Jun 2003 15:18:30 +0900

2003年06月02日(月)の11時45分に Jens Petersen 曰く:
> I have built rpms of ghc-6.0 on Red Hat Linux 9.
> I didn't build the libraries with profiling this time,
> however the package includes the docs, the xlib binding from
> hslibs and hence green-card from cvs too (a number of patches/hacks
> were needed for this and they can be found in the nosrc rpm).
> (Note the nosrc rpm doesn't include the ghc-6.0 tarball, you'll
> have to download that separately if you wish to rebuild the package.)

I updated the packages to just a conventional build of ghc-6.0 (the xlib
and green-card packaging in the first version had problems anyway).
There shouldn't be any changes in the ghc-6.0 packaging itself, so
unless you wish to get rid of the broken green-card and xlib in the
first version there is no necessity to upgrade.

You can download ghc-6.0-2.rhl9 from:


Cheers, Jens

ps If you wish to have the prof libs too next time I build, please let
me know.  I use them so rarely myself that I didn't bother to build
them, but I don't mind doing so if there is demand.

pps There is a rpm package of the alpha greencard-3.00 release in
<http://haskell.org/~petersen/greencard> too.