Compiling the Hugs Graphics Library (HGL) with GHC?

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 10:55:42 +1100

Hi Christoph,

> may I ask if anybody had any success using the Hugs Graphics Library
> with ghc? I did get it to compile and link, but it insists displaying
> most graphics in black on a black background which somewhat diminishes
> the viewing enjoyment.

I compiled the stuff a while ago (with GHC 5.02.1):

and it works all fine with colours and such.  You didn't say
which version of the HGL you compiled.  The one that's in
the 5.02.2 source tarball?

I append the answer to a question that I got after the above
posting re how to build the things.



> 3) what was the main thing you needed to do to make it work ? Could I just
> checkout the current cvs version of ghc and hslibs and make it work, or did
> you guys do something special ?

We took the standard release of 5.02.1 and

* applied our patches (the same that are in the CVS HEAD

* updated the hslibs/xlib/ and hslibs/graphics/ subtree to
  the latest CVS version,

* added green-card (needed to compile xlib), and
  [This step might not be required for win32.]

* used some slightly weird sequence of `make' commands to
  build the whole thing.  (The exact combination of commands
  is encoded in the rpm .spec file that is in the source rpm
  package if you want to have a look at it, but the sequence
  will be somewhat different for win32.)