Compiling the Hugs Graphics Library (HGL) with GHC?

Christoph Lueth
Tue, 22 Jan 2002 18:53:07 +0100

Hi Manuel,

 > I compiled the stuff a while ago (with GHC 5.02.1):
 > and it works all fine with colours and such.  You didn't say
 > which version of the HGL you compiled.  The one that's in
 > the 5.02.2 source tarball?

No, the one I just grabed off the Hugs webpage. I didn't even know HGL
was in the ghc/hslibs sources, I have to admit. Turns out the actual
sources are equal, but careful perusal of the Makefile in hslibs
revealed the vital clue: the -monly-3-reg option.

Compiling HGL with that makes ghc not choke on GreenCard's
ghc-targetted output (which it did before), and moreover makes it run
in full colour. 

Excellent, thanks again for the help.