Compiling the Hugs Graphics Library (HGL) with GHC?

Christoph Lueth cxl@Informatik.Uni-Bremen.DE
Thu, 17 Jan 2002 12:49:16 +0100

Morning Gentlemen,

may I ask if anybody had any success using the Hugs Graphics Library
with ghc? I did get it to compile and link, but it insists displaying
most graphics in black on a black background which somewhat diminishes
the viewing enjoyment.

I'm using GreenCard 2.03 and ghc-5.02.2, compiling via the FFI
(-target=ffi), since getting gc to generate ghc code (-target=ghc)
doesn't work; or rather, it produces code which ghc doesn't like.

And, yes I know about HOpenGL and other graphics libraries for ghc --
quick word why I want to do exactly this: we're using hugs for
teaching, and the Hugs Graphics Library makes a nice addition to an
introductory course in Haskell. I wanted to demonstrate that Haskell
is fast enough to write wee games in (Asteroids, to be precise), if
one is using a compiler.