GHC 5.02.3 binaries for OpenBSD i386

Donald Bruce Stewart
Sun, 14 Apr 2002 00:29:12 +1000

I'm pleased make available GHC 5.02.3 binaries for OpenBSD i386.
Also available is a ports tree 'port' if you want to build from source.

The binary package (15M) is available from:

And can be installed with (as root):

    pkg_add ghc-5.02.3

It can be removed with (as root):

    pkg_delete ghc-5.02.3

If you like building from source the ports tree 'port' that built the
binary package is available from:

To build the port you first need a GHC binary on the system. The 5.02.3
binary package can be used, or you could build 4.08.2 from .hc source
and use that. There is a port to do this at the above URL. You will also
need the Happy parser, which you can get from:    

Once you have a GHC and Happy, untar the port and as root:

    make && make fake

At this point the compiler is built, but you must remove the old GHC
before you can install the new one. So:

    pkg_delete ghc-4.08.2     # or whatever version of GHC you used
    make install

This takes around 170 minutes on my P3 700.

Once again, any bug reports or suggestions would be welcome. You can
reach me at <>.