building with make -j2 ?

Keith Wansbrough
Wed, 17 Apr 2002 09:54:19 +0100

> "Simon Marlow" <> writes:
> > The snapshot source distribution has now been updated to include the
> > file mk/ which was missing the first time around.
> Thanks.
> Btw, does ghc build with "make -j2"?  I tried building the
> snapshot just now with it but got a make error at some
> point.  I forget to save the build log, but I can easily
> fire up another build if you want to see it.

It *mostly* worked for me a month or so ago.  I did a single-processor
make until I saw it had started on ghc/compiler, and then hit ^C and
did make -j2 in ghc/compiler.  This worked fine, and then I continued
the make with one processor for the rest.  Presumably the same trick
would work in hslibs/.  I think there's some setup that depends on
implicit ordering, but once it gets going in a directory it's all

--KW 8-)