GHC Alpha port?

Simon Marlow
Thu, 5 Jul 2001 10:34:27 +0100

Hi Ken,

    GhcHcOpts    +=3D -H24m -keep-hc-files-too -optc-DNO_REGS
-optc-DUSE_MINIINTERPRETER -fno-asm-mangling -funregisterised -fvia-C
    GhcRtsHcOpts +=3D                          -optc-DNO_REGS
-optc-DUSE_MINIINTERPRETER -fno-asm-mangling -funregisterised -fvia-C
    SplitObjs     =3D NO

This isn't right: you shouldn't set GhcHcOpts in the first build.  In
the URL you gave, this line was commented out.  That's certainly the
reason for the core dumps.

In GHC 5.00.2, there's an easier way.  For the c1 & c2 builds, you can
just set

	GhcUnregisterised =3D YES

in, and you can set $long to empty.

When you get around to bootstrapping on the Alpha, I'll probably need to
help you some more, because bootstrapping from .hc files is quite tricky
on 5.00.