GHC 5.02.1 on Mac OS X

Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Tue, 04 Dec 2001 10:46:39 +1100

S=E9bastien Carlier <> wrote,

> > Did you already check them into CVS?
> =

> The harmless and clean ones, yes.  I'll take the time to clean up
> and commit the rest to the repository before the end of the week.
> I can also mail you my patched in the meantime.

We won't start on this before middle of December.

> > If others want to continue on the port, it would be easier to start
> > from your patches instead of starting all over again, I guess.
> =

> Yes.  I'll also try to write a few notes about the problems they
> will encounter.

That would be great.