ghc and hierarchical module names

Simon Marlow
Mon, 3 Dec 2001 12:44:02 -0000

> The release notes for ghc 5.02.1 say:
>    1.4.4. New experimental features
>         Partial support for hierarchical module names.
> - but I could not find a document describing how to use this feature.
> Is it possible to use hierarchical module names with ghc at=20
> present, and if so,
> how does one write and use a hierarchically-named module ?

Module names may include the '.' character with -fglsagow-exts on.
Searching for interfaces to include is extended as follows: if our
search path contains directories D1...Dn, then a module A.B.C is
searched for in D1/A/B/C.hi ... Dn/A/B/C.hi.  You must give the full
module name in the header, eg.
	module A.B.C where

This support *is* experimental though, so it is subject to change.  Also
note that certain parts of the hierarchy are reserved for
system-supplied libraries - see the current proposal at