[ghc-steering-committee] #380 GHC2021: Third week starting

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Dec 14 09:30:04 UTC 2020

I have been putting off doing any serious thinking about this until everyone's votes are in and we have can have a global overview of what it looks like.  A long succession of plain text emails is hard to parse.

Perhaps a wiki page where we can see a list of extensions that are:

* Solidly in
* Solidly out
* Under debate

Perhaps the third category has some structure e.g. some things that seem to belong together (all in or all out).

I do think we should be conservative.


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|  Dear Committee,
|  we are getting into the third week of voting. Still missing Cale’s
|  votes, but he promised to me off-band that he’ll work on it right now.
|  Maybe not unsurprising, but while many of the 100-something decisions
|  we have signed up to make are clear, some are not.
|  I am wondering a bit if ⅔ quorum was a bad choice, and a higher quota
|  would have put the critical line into a less contentious area. But
|  probably _any_ quorum causes plenty of discussions around the
|  extensions that are near that line.
|  So how shall we continue? Simply stick to the process, have another
|  week of discussions, pleas and clarifications, maybe shift this or
|  that extension across the line, and then simply go with whatever we
|  have end of next Monday?
|  Or should we continue discussions until there is pretty much consensus
|  about everything? (Probably won’t happen, though)
|  Cheers,
|  Joachim
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