[ghc-steering-committee] #380 GHC2021: Third week starting

Joachim Breitner mail at joachim-breitner.de
Mon Dec 14 09:21:57 UTC 2020

Dear Committee,

we are getting into the third week of voting. Still missing Cale’s
votes, but he promised to me off-band that he’ll work on it right now.

Maybe not unsurprising, but while many of the 100-something decisions
we have signed up to make are clear, some are not.

I am wondering a bit if ⅔ quorum was a bad choice, and a higher quota
would have put the critical line into a less contentious area. But
probably _any_ quorum causes plenty of discussions around the
extensions that are near that line.

So how shall we continue? Simply stick to the process, have another
week of discussions, pleas and clarifications, maybe shift this or that
extension across the line, and then simply go with whatever we have end
of next Monday?

Or should we continue discussions until there is pretty much consensus
about everything? (Probably won’t happen, though)


Joachim Breitner
  mail at joachim-breitner.de

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