reporting my progress in building ghc 8 on latest smartos

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Feb 4 14:22:37 UTC 2020

Thanks for writing this down!

The dtrace patch is certainly something that we can merge as-is. Do let us know if there are any other patches that you find are necessary.

- Ben 

On February 4, 2020 6:54:48 AM EST, Compl Yue via ghc-devs <ghc-devs at> wrote:
>freenode server seems in trouble for this while, and I'd like to take 
>this chance to report my progress to the mailing lists.
>  I'm thankful to folks at #ghc and #smartos who helped me so much in 
>this journey, especially bgamari, without his hints and bleeding edge 
>patches this won't be possible at all.
>provided the information to get me started at all.
>So far what's done:
>    :: installed 7.6.3 -> booted 7.10.3 -> booted 8.2.2 -> booted 8.4.4
>-> booted 8.6.5 -> booted 8.8.2
>Notable issues as I remembered: (I don't remember the details clearly, 
>anyway am to redo it all over again to have everything logged for
> * `gmake -i` is used to build 8.2.2 to workaround the stage1 ghc crash
>    after target file generated
>  * 8.6.5's ghci won't start
>| [root at hswander /build/ghc8]# /opt/local/ghc8.6.5/bin/ghci|||
>||| GHCi, version 8.6.5:  :? for help|||
>||| ghc: loadArchive: Not an archive: `/usr/lib/iconv'|||
>||| ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)|||
>|||   (GHC version 8.6.5 for x86_64-unknown-solaris2):|||
>|||         loadArchive "/usr/lib/iconv": failed|||
>||| Please report this as a GHC bug: 
>  *    worth to mention that I needed to put "SplitSections=YES" into
>    mk/ even for 8.8.2 or it'll fail, might be unexpected.
>  And dtrace compiler on latest SmartOS don't support C++ style line 
>comment, so I applied this patch to 8.8.2 
>Meanwhile I'm starting a fresh smartos vm to repeat (and log) all steps
>to make sure others and future me can follow such a reproducible 
>procedure to build later versions.

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