reporting my progress in building ghc 8 on latest smartos

Compl Yue compl.yue at
Tue Feb 4 11:54:48 UTC 2020

freenode server seems in trouble for this while, and I'd like to take 
this chance to report my progress to the mailing lists.

  I'm thankful to folks at #ghc and #smartos who helped me so much in 
this journey, especially bgamari, without his hints and bleeding edge 
patches this won't be possible at all.

provided the information to get me started at all.

So far what's done:

     :: installed 7.6.3 -> booted 7.10.3 -> booted 8.2.2 -> booted 8.4.4 
-> booted 8.6.5 -> booted 8.8.2

Notable issues as I remembered: (I don't remember the details clearly, 
anyway am to redo it all over again to have everything logged for reprod)

  * `gmake -i` is used to build 8.2.2 to workaround the stage1 ghc crash
    after target file generated

  * 8.6.5's ghci won't start

| [root at hswander /build/ghc8]# /opt/local/ghc8.6.5/bin/ghci|||
||| GHCi, version 8.6.5:  :? for help|||
||| ghc: loadArchive: Not an archive: `/usr/lib/iconv'|||
||| ghc: panic! (the 'impossible' happened)|||
|||   (GHC version 8.6.5 for x86_64-unknown-solaris2):|||
|||         loadArchive "/usr/lib/iconv": failed|||
||| Please report this as a GHC bug:|||

  *    worth to mention that I needed to put "SplitSections=YES" into
    mk/ even for 8.8.2 or it'll fail, might be unexpected.

  And dtrace compiler on latest SmartOS don't support C++ style line 
comment, so I applied this patch to 8.8.2

Meanwhile I'm starting a fresh smartos vm to repeat (and log) all steps 
to make sure others and future me can follow such a reproducible 
procedure to build later versions.



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