Tracking Progress of #7353 (New Windows IO Manager)

Phyx lonetiger at
Tue Sep 24 22:58:22 UTC 2019

Hi Travis,

The current MR with my WIP is at

This should build without a problem (on Windows, haven't sorted the Linux
build failures yet). The threaded version passes the testsuite (i.e.
-threaded +RTS --io-manager=native) but the non-threaded
version has proven tricky to support correctly. That one still has a
deadlock that I am debugging (though I have made significant progress since
I last updated that MR).

I will push the updated code this weekend. Though I'm afraid that based on
it not getting any review of the design so far and my current work
commitments I won't be able to
get this done for GHC 8.10. So I will punt it to GHC 8.12.

The MR contains a list of TODOs in case you're wondering what's left on it.


On Tue, Sep 24, 2019 at 11:39 PM Travis Whitaker <pi.boy.travis at>

> Hello Haskell friends,
> Even though I no longer work at a Windows shop, I've been watching
> with great interest. Last
> I knew Tamar Christina was heroically hacking away on a new IO manager for
> Windows.
> Although my low-level Windows knowledge is likely insufficient for me to
> contribute significantly, I'd be very interested in testing the new IO
> manager and helping with debugging in any way I can. How might one go about
> building a GHC with this new Windows IO manager?
> Thanks, as always, for all your hard work,
> Travis Whitaker
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