Changes in GHC API modularity with the "Encode shape information in PMOracle" MR

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Mon Sep 16 21:22:47 UTC 2019

Hi Shayne,

Sorry to hear that! We didn't consider modularity at all and I would be
happy to try to refactor in a way that would allow `ghc-lib-parser` to be
properly separated again.
I'm fairly certain that I didn't directly touch anything parser related,
but apparently the new cyclic import of PmOracle within TcRnTypes (which is
also exposed from `ghc-lib-parser`) pulled in the other half of GHC.
I'll see if I can fix that tomorrow, if only by extracting a separate
`Types`-style module.


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> Some time back, the `ghc-lib` project split into two targets :
> `ghc-lib-parser` for those projects that just need to produce syntax trees
> and `ghc-lib` (re-exporting `ghc-lib-parser` modules) having the remaining
> modules for projects that need to go on and distill parse trees to Core.
> The idea of course was to reduce build times for tools like hlint that only
> need parse trees.
> Roughly, `ghc-lib-parser` got about 200 files and `ghc-lib` 300. Today
> after landing `7915afc6bb9539a4534db99aeb6616a6d145918a`, "Encode shape
> information in `PmOracle`", `ghc-lib-parser` now needs 543 files and
> `ghc-lib` gets just 25.
> That may be just bad luck for `ghc-lib-parser` and the way it has to be
> but I thought I should at least mention the knock-on effect of this change
> on the modularity of the GHC API in case this consequence hasn't been
> considered?
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