Trac -> Gitlab migration: A little issue with assignees

Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Mar 19 01:24:10 UTC 2019

Roland Senn <rsx at> writes:

> After some days off, I returned to my work on GHC. I looked up my
> tickets in Gitlab with a search on assignee=RolandSenn [1]. 
> The system returned a list of 8 open tickets. 
> Two of them are interesting: #14025 and #15336. Once upon a time I
> assigned them to me, worked on them, but unfortunately then
> I found them too difficult. So a couple of weeks ago I unassigned them
> in the good old Trac system.
> It seems, that these unassign operations weren't copied to Gitlab!
Thanks Roland.

I've opened this ticket [1] to track this.


- Ben
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