GHC | Work out how to manage labels (#16458)

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Mon Mar 18 22:42:43 UTC 2019

Useful categorisation

  *   I’d favour using colour to separate the different groups.
  *   I think we could collapse 4 and 5 into one group (one colour)


From: Ben Gamari <gitlab at>
Sent: 18 March 2019 21:39
To: Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at>
Subject: GHC | Work out how to manage labels (#16458)

Currently ghc/ghc><> has nearly 100 labels. These fall into a variety of categories:

  1.  Labels that classify the ticket (bug<>, feature request<>, task<>)
  2.  Labels that classify bugs by their manifestation: compiler perf<>, compiler crash<>, ghc build failure<>
  3.  Labels that specify the environmental conditions under which an issue will manifest:

     *   architectures: ARM<>, SPARC<>, PowerPC<>
     *   operating system: ~OpenBSD, Windows<>, macOS<>

  1.  Labels that specify which compiler or program features are implicated in a bug

     *   language extensions: ImpredicativeTypes<>, ~FlexibleContexts, UnboxedTuples<>
     *   program constructs: join points<>, levity polymorphism<>, STM<>
     *   compiler feature: recompilation checking<>, cpp<>, debug information<>, ~"cross compilation"

  1.  Labels that specify which bit of implementation a bug is likely caused by:

     *   compiler subsystem: driver<>, simplifier<>, demand analysis<>, RTS<>, LLVM backend<>
     *   related GHC project: ghc-pkg<>, integer-simple<>, nofib<>, core libraries<>, infrastructure<>
     *   external project: haddock<>, hadrian<>

  1.  Labels that specify other attributes of a ticket: newcomer<>, backport request<>, ~"info needed", ~"user facing"

It's not clear which of these are useful, which are just noise, and how we should best group them.

We have two tools for logically grouping labels:

  *   prefixing the label name with some sort of category string
  *   color

View it on GitLab<>.
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