Newcomers' Guide to GHC Development

Ben Gamari ben at
Wed Mar 13 03:52:00 UTC 2019

Alexandre Rodrigues <alexandreR_B at> writes:

> Hello;
> I’d like to ask something regarding this effort. Right now, GHC’s
> repository is mirrored in these locations:
>   *   Phabricator<>
>   *<>
>   *   GitHub<>
>   *   GitLab<>
> Most of these have associated READMEs that encourage users to
> contribute patches to that particular instance, which does not really
> reflect the current state of affairs: right now, it is my
> understanding that GitLab is where all (new) patches are to be
> submitted.
> With the recent migration to GitLab and archival of Trac, will the
> first two be moved to read-only status like the Trac service?
Precisely; and Phabricator will both be decommissioned.
However, we want to ensure that we keep archival copies of these
services around so this will take some time.

> Regarding GitHub/GitLab – do we still want to accept contributions to
> GitHub? If so, what kind? All kinds? Maybe just small documentation
> patches?
At the moment the plan is to continue accepting small documentation
patches and divert everything larger to GitLab.

> I believe all of this should be documented to avoid fragmentation of
> contribution efforts. I still remember my first contribution was a
> little confusing because of this.
Indeed this is on the queue. So far we've been trying
out best to keep the migration on track and keep moving the release
schedule chugging along, even if slowly. After this newcomer's guide is
finished we will turn our attention to cleaning up the remaining


- Ben

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