Trac to GitLab migration underway

Matthew Pickering matthewtpickering at
Mon Mar 11 09:37:24 UTC 2019

> * That the old ticket repo be put in read-only mode.  I've just modified the old #16344, but I should have modified the new one.

That is tracked

It seems that there are still some problems to iron out though.

> * Back on the tickets front, how do I record the test cases(s) for a ticket?

I don't believe there is a way other than via the commit referencing the ticket.

> * How do I record the MR for a ticket?  (When it has one.)

When you mention a ticket in a MR then a reference should be created
from it to the ticket.

For example, when I mentioned !509 on this ticket it now displays in
the UI.

> * That the banner (on the wiki at least) saying "This site has been deprecated and is in read-only mode" should describe how to get to the corresponding URL on the new wiki. Eg. say "If you are trying to access<page>, the new URL is "<page>".
> * Where has gone?  The corresponding URL on the new wiki doesn't exist.

The page is now located at:

> * How can I list the title index on the new wiki?

An automatically generated index is available here

I believe the intention is to automatically update this with a cronjob.

> * I have lots of pages like this one that list the tickets relevant to a particular keyword.  (Now "label" I think?)   But tat page is now lying: it claims to list current open tickets, but actually it's a frozen snapshot.  What should I do?

Gitlab Wiki does not support this feature so you have to refer to a
custom search.

For example:

However, it seems that the `CustomTypeErrors` label was lost during
the migration. Do you know why this is Tobias/Ben? It looks like it
will have to be added back manually.

> Thanks
> Simon
> |  I'm happy to announce that the ticket and issue import processes are now
> |  complete and is back online. There are still a few
> |  final steps remaining which I will be carrying out over the next few
> |  days:
> |
> |   * Put in place redirect logic for Trac ticket and Wiki URLs
> |
> |   * Add issue comments showing commit messages, replicating the previous
> |     Trac behavior
> |
> |   * Migrate the GHC Blog entries
> |
> |   * Make the old Trac instance again accessible in read-only mode
> |
> |  However, while I do this you should feel free to use
> |  freely.
> |  If you notice any issues with the import feel free to open a ticket here
> |  [1].
> |
> |  Cheers,
> |
> |  - Ben
> |
> |
> |
> |  [1]
> |
> |
> |  migration%2Fissues&
> |  c04a54549508d6a5a0cb40%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C636878
> |  507364801779&sdata=DIxKgZy%2B%2BTYq0P%2BEkrxjefMQqUf43ObXi9CLOGo0sk4%3
> |  D&reserved=0
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