Hadrian questions

Richard Eisenberg rae at cs.brynmawr.edu
Fri Jan 25 04:02:30 UTC 2019

As suggested, I'm trying out Hadrian. I have a few questions.

 - After building GHC the first time, I often go into the /ghc directory and then do `make 2` to build just the stage-2 compiler. Is that now the same as `build --freeze1`? It would seem not (I haven't tested), because running `make 2` builds only the compiler, not the libraries. Can this workflow be replicated in Hadrian?

 - I have `userDefaultFlavour = "devel2"` in my hadrian/UserSettings.hs file. But I see build artifacts during compilation of stage-2 that have dyn_o and p_o extensions. I don't want these. Have I done something wrong? Or are these artifacts now necessary?

 - I have quite a few ghc directories. What are the dependencies of Hadrian so that I can install these into my global package database and avoiding rebuilding them for each ghc tree? (Please don't tell me that the global package database is bad for my health. I know that, and I know why, but it's still terribly convenient, and I'm happy to pay the occasional price for that convenience.)

I'm sure I'll have more questions.


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