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Mon Jan 14 13:41:46 UTC 2019

I confirm that I see "Unresolve discussion" buttons in the "Discussion" page, after "Toggle Discussion" is clicked.

Perhaps we have this working convention: the dev that starts the discussion is expected to resolve it. I doubt GL can enforce that convention, but we can just agree to it all. So, in the case at hand, I wrote the patch, and Simon started several discussions. As I address them, instead of resolving the discussions (as I did), I would just say "Done" (or similar). Then, Simon's re-review would spot my comments and then click resolve, when the matter has met his satisfaction.

Ben: I imagine this will not be the only such convention we arrive at in this vein. Is it possible (and reasonably easy) to set up some service whereby new contributors get a "welcome" email upon their first submission of an MR? (But only upon the *first* submission!) This would include hearty thanks for contributing, etc., but also a few GL pointers and our working conventions. To be honest, even forgetting about working conventions, an email of thanks at that stage would probably set the stage for a nice working environment for contributors. (Right now, they probably submit, get some silence, then see a slew of comments telling them what they've done wrong, and then get a "Thanks so much!" after all those negative comments. This may be somewhat standard in open-source -- and isn't so bad that it *needs* change -- but that doesn't mean we can't do better.)


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> > I suppose we could issue guidance NEVER to resolve a discussion, but that seems like the wrong conclusion.
> It seems gitlab's "resolve discussion" action is supposed to mean
> "I think nobody needs to look at these comments (in detail) any more".
> So if somebody addressed your comment, he should probably
> ping you with "this comment addressed", then you look at the comment,
> at the old diff, at the new diff (no idea how easy it is to switch between
> the old and new diffs) and then *you* resolve the discussion, if satisfied.
> And if somebody resolves discussion prematurely, you unresolve it
> with the button or checkbox, meaning "actually, I'd like to have
> one more close look before the discussion is hidden forever".
> You can even add an unresolve comment explaining why you think
> the additional look is needed after all.
> All this is quite troublesome if there is a lot of comments
> and they need to be pinged about, resolved and unresolved
> in bulk (unless I'm missing some bulk button).
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