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> I suppose we could issue guidance NEVER to resolve a discussion, but that
seems like the wrong conclusion.

It seems gitlab's "resolve discussion" action is supposed to mean
"I think nobody needs to look at these comments (in detail) any more".

So if somebody addressed your comment, he should probably
ping you with "this comment addressed", then you look at the comment,
at the old diff, at the new diff (no idea how easy it is to switch between
the old and new diffs) and then *you* resolve the discussion, if satisfied.
And if somebody resolves discussion prematurely, you unresolve it
with the button or checkbox, meaning "actually, I'd like to have
one more close look before the discussion is hidden forever".
You can even add an unresolve comment explaining why you think
the additional look is needed after all.

All this is quite troublesome if there is a lot of comments
and they need to be pinged about, resolved and unresolved
in bulk (unless I'm missing some bulk button).
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