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While we're whinging:

- I'm looking at the Discussion page for an MR ( and I see a comment Simon made, beginning with "No, I am not!". I wanted a bit more context. So I click on the filename above the Discussion and am warped to the Changes view ( <>). But Simon's comment isn't there. Instead, I see a different comment, beginning with "In canEqTyVar we now compare kinds...". So I'm lost here.

- Simon recently posted a bunch of comments in response to a bunch of my comments. I have a thick stack of emails about each individual comment. But when I view the discussion page ( <>), I can find Simon's comments only buried in the Discussions that I started. There appears to be no way to glean, from the web page, what has happened since last I looked. Is there a way to see a "log" of activity on an MR? That way, in case I'm drowning in email (common occurrence) and just want to get up to speed on a given MR, I can get an idea of what's gone on. Now, the thick stack of emails seems like the only way to do this.

- Is there a way to get a timestamped list of what discussions are resolved? Sometimes it's nice to be able to check that the resolution was what I had hoped for.

- The Changes page has a table of contents on the left. This is useful sometimes. (In this way, GL beats Phab, where it was sometimes hard to find where a certain file is listed when in the middle of a review.) But is there a way to collapse the ToC? Most of the time, I'm focused on the code itself, and the ToC drastically reduces the number of characters per line, when I view diffs side-by-side.


PS: I well remember how phrustrated I was with Phab when that rolled out, and how I eventually came to appreciate it. I'm being more patient this time around. In retrospect my trouble was more with arcanist than with Phab itself. (Arcanist and I never really got along... we just reached an unsteady truce, and I won't miss it.) I am happy to be using git as the tool now. But it's effortful to figure out efficient workflows in a new space, and I'm grateful for any help here. Thanks.

> On Jan 10, 2019, at 1:27 PM, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
> Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:
>> |  Another issue is that apparently GitLab still sends one email per comment
>> |  instead of one comment per batch. This will evidently be fixed in GitLab
>> |  11.6 [1].
>> yes that is TERRIBLE.  When does 11.6 land?
> It is the next release. I will poke our contact to make sure that they
> realize the severity of the issue.
>> What I want is to have a batch of comments with an overview message.
>> We used that /all the time/ in Phab! For example:
>>   I like this patch but you might want to think about X and Y.
>>   Meanwhile I have added a bunch of detailed comments.
>> This would fit very well with the "batch of comments in one email" change.
> Indeed and upstream agrees. They created a feature request [1] in response
> to my suggestion. I'll make sure that I mention this to our GitLab contact.
> Cheers,
> - Ben
> [1]
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