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Thu Jan 10 18:27:09 UTC 2019

Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:

> |  Another issue is that apparently GitLab still sends one email per comment
> |  instead of one comment per batch. This will evidently be fixed in GitLab
> |  11.6 [1].
> yes that is TERRIBLE.  When does 11.6 land?
It is the next release. I will poke our contact to make sure that they
realize the severity of the issue.

> What I want is to have a batch of comments with an overview message.
> We used that /all the time/ in Phab! For example:
>    I like this patch but you might want to think about X and Y.
>    Meanwhile I have added a bunch of detailed comments.
> This would fit very well with the "batch of comments in one email" change.
Indeed and upstream agrees. They created a feature request [1] in response
to my suggestion. I'll make sure that I mention this to our GitLab contact.


- Ben


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