Feedback request: GHC performance test-suite

Ömer Sinan Ağacan omeragacan at
Thu Sep 13 12:25:06 UTC 2018

Thanks for doing this. I think it's great that someone's working on the test

About storing in git notes: what is the format here? If I want to see numbers
for a given commit does `git notes show <commit>` show me all the numbers at
that commit or only the differences from previous commit? Do we have an example
note to look at to get an idea of what the format is?

I think it'd be better if we could make a more concrete plan about the
"drifting" problem mentioned in the future work before merging this. I don't
know what are the plans here (how much time will be spent on this work) but that
future work may never happen, so perhaps for the time being we want to keep the
reference values (not sure where to keep them though) to avoid making some
programs run 20x slower in a few years. I think it'd also be better if we could
highlight this change more in the proposal as I think it's an important one.


David Eichmann <davide at>, 13 Eyl 2018 Per, 11:25
tarihinde şunu yazdı:
> Hello all,
> I've recently resumed some work started by Jared Weakly on the GHC test
> suite. This specifically regards performance tests. The work aims to,
> among some other things, reduce manual work and to log performance test
> results from our CI server. The proposed change is described in more
> detail on this wiki page:
> I'd appreciate
> any feedback or questions on this.
> Thank you and have a great day,
> David Eichmann
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