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Ben Gamari ben at
Sat Oct 29 17:07:14 UTC 2016

Takenobu Tani <takenobu.hs at> writes:

> Hi Ben, Joachim,
> 2016-10-29 1:36 GMT+09:00 Ben Gamari <ben at>:
>> > There is a box „committer flow“. What exactly is meant by that? Is
>> > there more to be said about that?
>> >
>> I think this means someone with commit bits simply pushing a patch
>> without submitting to code review. Ideally we'd be able to deprecate
>> this workflow in favor of the "auto-validating push" that you've
>> proposed.
> I assumed that "committer flow" is simply pushing a patch without
> submitting to code review or without discussion.
> I thought committers [1] have the authority in case of typo or small
> modification.
> Do I misunderstand?

Nope, that's exactly right. Unfortunately, even "trivial" fixes have a
tendency to break the tree (which has been happening too often recently)
so I'm trying to push contributors to use CI whenever possible.


- Ben

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