Paren removal in renamer

Alan & Kim Zimmerman alan.zimm at
Mon Nov 21 19:49:40 UTC 2016

Hi all

I have been wrestling with something silly most of today.

T12530 has the following splice in it, which has parens around the "(Maybe

$([d|   -- Test the Template Haskell pretty-printing for TypeApplications
        f = id @(Maybe Int)

the parsed source has these parens, but they are removed for the renamed

I am modifying the pretty printer to be faithful to the original source, so
when the renamed source is printed it has no parens, causing T12530 to fail.

I have looked all over the source, and cannot see where the HsParTy is

Can anyone give me a pointer?

See details here [1]

My current work branch is here [2], but I am pretty sure there are no
changes affecting this there.


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