msys2 64 bit: help help!

Simon Michael simon at
Tue Jun 28 17:09:32 UTC 2016

On 6/28/16 5:50 AM, Simon Peyton Jones via ghc-devs wrote:
> I have another issue.  I'm using 'magit' (in emacs) to drive git.  But it gives half-minute delays to do anything at all.  There are lots of people complaining about it (googlable) but no solutions I can see.  Do I have to give up magit?
> It used to be fine in earlier versions.
> Just at the moment it's Much Much More Serious.  Even opening a file in emacs (nothing to do with git or (ostensibly) magit, takes nearly a minute!!  In the process manager I can see lots of git activity -- just when I open a file in ordinary emacs!

Hi Simon,

I've never seen that behaviour, but if it's not active directory/network 
related, might you have enabled some add-on that eg tries to show a 
file's VCS status in the modeline ?

Here are some things you may have already tried:

- restart emacs

- restart emacs with --no-init-file, then gradually evaluate your 
.emacs.d/init.el (and more specifically, any  magit/vcs-related 
customizations) while testing magit performance.

- close unnecessary open buffers visiting files in the current git repo. 
This might be contributing, in my setup it makes a big difference.
I do C-x C-b s m to sort open buffers by mode, n/p to move to the 
haskell buffers, d to mark them deleted, x to do it.

- look for and turn off costly magit settings, in M-x customize-group 
magit. I'm sorry that I don't know/remember which ones are costly. I 
would be suspicious of the two auto revert options and the Magit 
Extensions -> Magit Auto Revert group, and magit's hooks (Magit Modes -> 

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