msys2 64 bit: help help!

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Tue Jun 28 20:14:52 UTC 2016

Hi Simon,

I think the two issues might be related. From what I can tell magit invokes some msys utilies at startup such as cygdrive to normalize paths . The msys AD issue would affect all of these tools and so each of them would be quite slow to run.

I would indeed try the AD fix first and see how the rest behave.

This issue is well documented at the Cygwin FAQ as well if you’re interested in what’s 
Going on. Basically what it’s saying is that you can cache your user information (username etc) locally instead of having it query the server everytime.

If this doesn’t solve the magit problem as well, then try issuing a normal git command, if that’s slow as well then run strace on it and it should give
You an idea of what’s taking so long.

Kind Regards,

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