Linker.c broken

Boespflug, Mathieu m at
Mon Jul 4 11:15:29 UTC 2016

On 4 July 2016 at 12:36, Ben Gamari <ben at> wrote:
> Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> writes:
>> I will fix it, sorry about this.  Unfortunately I can't really add a
>> Windows validate into my workflow because it would mean rebooting my laptop
>> into Windows and not doing anything else for several hours.  We need some
>> CI support for Windows - Ben/Austin any thoughts on this?
> I agree; this would be great. I have a Windows machine which I'd be
> happy setup as a builder although I'm afraid it's behind NAT, so
> integration with Harbormaster may require some tunneling.

Just a suggestion - the easiest and most reliable would probably be to
simply use Appveyor for this. They offer a hosted and fully managed CI
service very similar to Travis CI - only difference being it runs
tests on Windows boxes. And just like Travis CI, it's free!

The advantage of a hosted CI service is that no one except Appveyor
need to worry about keeping the build bot highly available.

Only downside is their machines in the free tier can be a bit slow.
But that's a problem that can be iterated on as the need arises.


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