Linker.c broken

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Jul 4 10:36:37 UTC 2016

Simon Marlow <marlowsd at> writes:

> I will fix it, sorry about this.  Unfortunately I can't really add a
> Windows validate into my workflow because it would mean rebooting my laptop
> into Windows and not doing anything else for several hours.  We need some
> CI support for Windows - Ben/Austin any thoughts on this?
I agree; this would be great. I have a Windows machine which I'd be
happy setup as a builder although I'm afraid it's behind NAT, so
integration with Harbormaster may require some tunneling.

On that note, how is the Harbormaster effort going, Austin? It appears
that Differentials are still not being built. Is there anything I can do
to help here?


- Ben
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