Phab failing to apply patches

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Mon Jan 18 19:52:00 UTC 2016

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 12:09 PM, Thomas Miedema <thomasmiedema at>

> * you validate locally (in a different build directory, so you can keep
> using build flavour = devel2 in your development directory)
> * fork the ghc github repository, push your branch there, and let Travis
> validate it:
> * ask Austin for some special Phabricator syntax that you could add when
> you submit the patch, to request Harbormaster not to rebase onto HEAD
> before validating

Seems to me that, if Harbormaster is already overloaded, the second option
should be preferred. Offloading from one limited resource (local machine)
to another that is also shared seems like a lose for everyone.

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