[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.0.1 release candidate 2

Sven Panne svenpanne at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 17:32:31 UTC 2016

I'm a little bit late to the 8.0.1 show, but nevertheless: Motivated by the
current discussion about -Wcompat and friends I decided to take a detailed
look at the warnings in my projects and hit a regression(?): Somehow I'm
unable to suppress the "Top-level binding with no type signature" warnings
from 8.0.1 onwards.

The gory details: In my .cabal file I set -Wall (
and in my .travis.yml I set -Werror (
But the -Wno-missing-signatures pragma (
doesn't work, see
https://travis-ci.org/haskell-opengl/OpenGLRaw/jobs/109400373. Using
-fno-warn-missing-signatures didn't work, either, see

Am I doing something wrong here or is this really a regression? I'm quite
sure that suppressions via pragmas worked in the past... :-(

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