Attempt at a real world benchmark

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I would opt-in. I also agree with Simon that privacy is no longer a big
deal although I do believe that most companies do telemetry with an opt in
policy. If it's opt-in why would anyone have a problem with telemetry?

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> I have wanted telemetry for years.  ("Telemetry" is the term Microsoft,
> and I think others, use for the phone-home feature.)
> It would tell us how many people are using GHC; currently I have literally
> no idea.
> In practice I think the best data we could get is "how many people are
> using GHC && are willing to opt into phone-home," which seems like a
> rougher number than e.g. downloads of ghc/HP or number of downloads of
> base/containers or something similar. I also would not opt in.
> Tom
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