Attempt at a real world benchmark

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Thu Dec 8 14:46:37 UTC 2016

I'm delighted to see all this traffic about GHC perf -- thank you.

277 modules sounds like quite a lot; but in general a test suite that took a while (minutes, not hours) to compile would be fine.  We can run it on a nightly server somewhere.  Having a dashboard where you can see the results would be good.


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| Hi,
| I have talked so much about it, it was about time to actually follow
| through.
| I took a real-world program (tttool, one of mine, show shameless),
| inlined all the dependencies so that it would compile without Cabal, just
| with a single invocation of GHC on the 277 modules.
| The state, including a README, can be found at
| om%2Fnomeata%2Ftttool-nofib%23turning-tttool-into-a-
| benchmark&
| d41f300611%7C72f988bf86f141af91ab2d7cd011db47%7C1%7C0%7C63616773850524881
| 6&sdata=QdbCK1mlVXo7xmJT744uvBSEagqVVMh8J69UE27oks4%3D&reserved=0
| I am not sure how useful this is going to be:
|  + Tests lots of common and important real-world libraries.
|  − Takes a lot of time to compile, includes CPP macros and C code.
| (More details in the README linked above).
| It is late, so I’ll just send this out as it is for now to get the
| discussion going if this is a useful approach, or what should be done
| different.
| (If this is deemed to be useful, I’d do the same for, say, pandoc next).
| Greetings,
| Joachim
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